・ Business Overview ・

Proud Graffiti Co., Ltd. is a venture company that produces revenue by expanding myriad of own media to vast World Wide Web, while having its operating base at Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo.

Since its foundation in 2006, we have steadily continued planning and producing own media while a series of trial and error. At the time of the establishment in 2013, we had reached to share hundreds of own media group. And even after that we are continuing to release new media with clear intentions in World Wide Web on a monthly basis.

The presence value and the unique strengths of Proud Graffiti Co., Ltd. can be found in its sales force and the overwhelming ability to attract customers. Especially in new customer creation that takes full advantage of Internet, our attracting customer technology is a masterpiece by SEO (search engine optimization), which is to be the most cost effective.

We closely research search keywords that lead to new customer acquisition for client companies. With those picked up major keywords, we expose a large number of own media on SERPs first page of major search engines such as Yahoo! JAPAN and Google. In that way, we realize huge attraction of customers and their transmission.

However, for us, who have adopted results-reward type with piggyback risk in-house, transmission of customers to our client companies are merely an entrance for achieving our goal. Our goal is to lower CPA (cost per acquisition), and to maximize LTV (customer lifetime value).

In WEB marketing with a wide range, LPO (landing page optimization) is necessary to achieve a brief profit improvement. Without missing the attracted customers by huge amount of investment, we need to lead them to purchase. In order to do so, we gradually increase CVR (customer conversion rate) by repeating A/B tests.

If necessary, we thoroughly research the client companies' "products," "competitors," and "customers" and build a concept and persona. Then, we re-construct sentences with a storyline along with the customer psychology. In other words, it is a complete renewal of the landing page.

We firmly increase CVR (customer conversion rate) by this LPO (landing page optimization), thereby decreasing CPA (cost per acquisition). This is our short-term goal.

To maximize LTV (customer lifetime value), our medium- to long-term goal, we not only decrease CPA (customer per acquisition) but also improve each value of "average purchasing unit price," "purchase frequency," and "continuous purchasing period" while taking into cost-effectiveness with PDCA (Plan · Do · Check · Act).

Concerning limited sales opportunities, we will incorporate with strategic "upsell," "cross-sell," and "back end." In addition, we also undergo mail marketing, which is closely related to paper media, such as "flyer and catalog enclosed with a product" and "thank-you postcard," which provide a friendly contact opportunity with a light expense.

It is not exaggeration to say that the success or failure of optimal mail marketing to the customer follow-up determines the business's prosperity or decline. It is necessary rapidly to change an e-mail magazine from the one as a sales promotion tool, into the one as a bilateral communication tool.

By always conscious of LTV (customer lifetime value) and managing, CPA (cost per acquisition) is lowered, customer enclosure and minimization of outflow progress, as a result, operating profit will be optimized.

With an internet marketing and sales promotion that take full advantage of our own media, and with our comprehensive consulting services with the goal to maximize the LTV (customer lifetime value), we will increase an annual sales of a client companies into 10 to 20 times.

From annual sales of 50 million yen to annual sales of 5 to 1,000,000,000 yen, from 100 million yen annual sales to annual sales of 10 to 2,000,000,000 yen, from annual sales of 300 million yen to the annual sales of 30 to 6,000,000,000 yen. Our company has been good at business models with such scale.

・ Message from the President ・

"Graffiti" of Proud Graffiti Co., Ltd., means aerosol arts and street arts. They are "things that have been sublimated to an art" for some people, but also "merely a graffiti" for some people.

Our Internet marketing and sales promotion are also "a thing with great value" for some people, but "completely worthless" for some people.

The interesting point of graffiti is that a highly artistic one is transmitted to posterity and an inferior artistic one is re-painted and erased or re-painted to a new art. In other words, only real ones can survive and fakes are mercilessly culled. It is also applied to business as well as art.

Of course, the evaluation is made by others. Sometimes we may not be able to receive an evaluation to expect. Yet, we embrace pride in our work, create a valuable business in a community along with our clients, and expand and develop. To do so, we continue to struggle day and night.

We also have rich experience in consulting on foreign companies to enter Japanese market. Let's be strong and vibrant in World Wide Web filled with infinite possibilities and draw proud and beautiful graffiti.

President Tomoo Ogasawara

- Company Profile -

Company Name Proud Graffiti Co., Ltd.
Address 7-5-4 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN
President Tomoo Ogasawara
Establishment 4th February 2013
Capital Ten Millions Yen